Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mouse house

The watchtower from yesterday's photo is in the San Diego Zoo parking lot, with views of lots and lots of cars. This mouse house made of bread has always been a favorite of mine in the Children's Zoo area. The Zoo makes a loaf per week for the mice. You can't see any mice in the photo because, like most zoo animals, they are hiding out in the far back corner.
Here is a photo of the recipe for the bread house which is posted above their living quarters - they forgot to mention that you need a huge loaf pan!


Blogger gogouci said...

This is too cute. I am thinking their house must come collapsing around them as they eat lunch and dinner. They must literally eat themselves out of house and home.

Wed Nov 18, 08:49:00 AM PST  
Blogger Hilda said...

Okay, now I'm thinking about the cookie and candy house in Hansel and Gretel… I sure hope there's no witch in their lives. ;)


Thu Nov 19, 12:55:00 AM PST  

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