Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Most traveled footbridge

I drive under this footbridge a lot, but I never really noticed it from below. This is a "high traffic" footbridge connecting the University Heights neighborhood to Hillcrest. On the Hillcrest side is the Trader Joe's/Ralph's shopping area which used to be the site of a Sears Department Store. Click here to see an old aerial photo of the Sears store and the bridge. The old timers probably know the history of the bridge - it was a wooden trestle bridge built in 1916, torn down in 1979, and rebuilt with steel and reopened in 1995. Read more about the bridge here. The small photos show each of the entrances.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And before the Sears was built, there were apartment buildings. My DW lived in one owned by her father. (this was before we were married. Used to neck on the porch.


Tue Jun 23, 01:51:00 PM PDT  

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