Saturday, May 09, 2009


The world famous WD-40 company started right here in San Diego. If baby oil gets tar off, then you would be surprised at what WD-40 can do. I recently used it to get some horribly sticky adhesive off of a wooden table. What is your favorite use for WD-40? Click here to see their official list of 2000+ ways to use the product.


Blogger Jacob said...

Very interesting! That logo doesn't look much like a can of WD-40, though. I've used that stuff all my life.

Sat May 09, 05:53:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Generic Viagra said...

so this is the place from where come all the miracle WD-40. is impressive I have no idea for this, the plant of this mechanic instrument is so huge.

Mon May 23, 09:15:00 AM PDT  

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