Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not the most radical real estate development in Hillcrest

I posted a picture of this house on Lewis Street at Albatross about two years ago (here). Expat, happened by it and got this photo and wrote: Well, lookee what happened -- it grew another storey and some Christmas decorations. It seems like every week older houses in Hillcrest are being trashed to make way for new condos (just a couple of blocks away, a site on Bachman Place at Montecito has been cleared). They call it "urban infill," I believe. This yellow house isn't exactly National Monument class, but I'm glad they added to it rather than pulling it down.

I don't know if Expat knew this, but this is the story behind the extra storey. I walk by this house occasionally and a while ago, maybe one year or more, the occupants had a sign and balloons out front announcing that the twins had arrived! That must have been fun - construction along with newborns!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I used to live near Third and Montecito and would walk past that house on the way to Albertson's a couple of times a week. It always amazes me how quickly that neighborhood has changed when I go back to Hillcrest.

Sat Dec 20, 10:44:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really don't like how they're trashing hillcrest and gentrifying it. hillcrest doesn't even need it as bad as some other neighborhoods do. it's pretty annoying, especially if they are dumping condo developments over hillcrest.

Thu Dec 25, 07:59:00 PM PST  

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