Friday, July 11, 2008

Costa Brava without the fish 'n' chips

A very fine looking meal shared by Expat:
The Costa Brava is a part of Spain (Catalonia, technically) much frequented by British holidaymakers and famous for the aroma of fish 'n' chips and warm beer. Our own Costa Brava, however, is a tapas restaurant on Garnet Ave, opened in 2001 on the site of the old Palenque Mexican restaurant, and still trendy. Nothing so plebian as fish 'n' chips here. On a recent visit we ordered white asparagus with aïoli, empañadas de bacalao, and the famous jamon ibérico on pan tomate. For "afters," as they say in Britain, slices of manchego cheese topped with quince compote. We had to send one bottle of wine back but the second albarinho was delicious. All extremely nice for about $25 a head.


Blogger Gnarlsbad Blog said...

Hey, I think your pictures are pretty cool. I posted one of your pictures with a link to your site, I hope that is okay.

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