Thursday, June 12, 2008

Purple Arches

Bouganvilla (in the background) is a popular plant grown around San Diego. It's beautiful, showy leaves (bracts) look like fower petals, when in fact, the real flower is located in the center of one of the 3-leaf clusters. Their beauty is just one reason for their popularity - another big reason is that they're pretty drought-tolerant, something especially important now that Arnie (the Governor) has declared that the entire state is in a drought.
The nasturtiums in the foreground are popular 'round these parts too - they explode with big leaves and pretty yellow, orange, and red flowers in the spring. To me, they're a canyon flower - they seem to take over canyons in the springtime.
This pretty display is located deep in the heart of South Park.


Blogger expat said...

Ughhh, those 'sturtiums.. they stink, and they grow WAAAAY too well. Like triffids.

Love bougainvillea, though.

Fri Jun 13, 07:06:00 AM PDT  

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