Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mojitos por favor

Now who says you can't travel to Cuba?
Here we have a tropical island paradise at Habana Club restaurant in La Mesa.


Blogger Tanya said...

Now that looks like a nice place to sit and sip a Mojito! Where is that anyway? I know that wasn't there before we moved. I'm thinking, by the looks of it, that it used to be an older restaurant that older people went to. I know that sounds vague but I can sort of picture it but can't remember the name. I think it sits by McClellan Buick? By the way, I used to live in La Mesa, before moving to Santee. We lived off La Mesa Blvd on Acacia, old La Mesa. I used to work at Bob Stall Chevrolet for many years!
I love visiting your blog!

Sat Apr 12, 06:42:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Rachel E. Adams said...

There's lots of bouganvilla of that colour in Hong Kong, too.

Sun Apr 13, 06:13:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Felicia said...

Thanks for stopping by! Hi Tanya, This is on University near La Mesa Blvd. I read somewhere that this building was the old La Mesa DMV (or at least near it) and prior to being Habana Club it was Jamar Bar. Rachel, I've seen bougainvillea on a lot of the Daily Photo blogs - it must be a good hardy plant!

Sun Apr 13, 10:13:00 AM PDT  

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