Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lookout point

A short path near the Cave Store in La Jolla leads down to this lookout point where you can see barking seals (directly below) or look north to La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines. Another path behind the store leads to a hike across the cliff called "Coast Walk" which is about one mile one-way and lets out onto busy Torrey Pines Road.


Blogger Tanya said...

Ha, the cave store! I remember many trips down those steps to the bottom of the cave. It was always a favorite thing of mine to do when I was a kid, till I got older,lol

Tue Mar 18, 06:10:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Abby said...

The shores and the cove - so many fantastic memories. Thanks for the great shots!

Wed Mar 19, 09:28:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous next said...

Lovely blue picture, too much people anyway

Wed Mar 19, 03:36:00 PM PDT  

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