Friday, March 28, 2008

Dave & Busters

Dave & Busters is a place that many people have driven by and maybe thought, how in the heck would I get there? They are located under the freeway where the 15 and 8 meet. (I was stopped in traffic when I took this photo.) This is a place where "big kids" can play video games (action, sports, classic ones like Pac-Man, simulators, new stuff like Dance Dance Revolution), drink beers or cocktails, and have a bite to eat.


Blogger Tanya said...

I remember when they built Dave and Busters and drove by it many times! I've never actually been inside though. They have them out here too.

Sat Mar 29, 05:10:00 AM PDT  
Blogger expat said...

Tokai is another fun-palace that makes you scratch your head thinking how to get there. It's almost opposite D&B, and it you're a sushi fan you should definitely figure a route. It's an all-you-can-eat deal!

Sat Mar 29, 08:06:00 AM PDT  

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