Friday, February 22, 2008

Tom Ham's Lighthouse restuarant

Okay, here's the story. I took this photo because Tom Ham's is near the airport and whenever I pick someone up and their flight is delayed, I drive over to Harbor Island and either park or drive around. The views of downtown are fabulous and it is much better than navigating airport traffic. I kinda feel bad for showing you places I've never eaten at before, but anyone that has been to Tom Ham's Lighthouse restaurant please let us know what you think of the place.
P.S.: Happy Birthday to my cousin Yvonne! :)


Blogger Brian said...

I have been going to the Lighthouse for 24 years. It was my Grandmas favorite restaurant and hangout. She would bring all her old people friends here to eat. Sadly of them have past on from old age, but my family and I have kept their memories alive by still going their. Im sure you can ask any person that has been going to the lighthouse for a long time and they will tell you the same thing.
"Employees and Customers come and go, but the memories last a life time."

The Lighthouse I think has the best view of San Diego. You can see the beautiful downtown skyline and watch the sunset beaming off the buildings. You can see the entire harbor and watch all the Navy and Cruise ships sail away. If your lucky, sometimes you might even see a whale near by, which I watched from the lighthouse before. You will see all kinds of wild life from Seals to Dolphins and what I like best watching the Pelicans flying in formation against setting sun.

Well, for the food. Dinner is pretty good. It all depends on what you like? Im more a meat person than fish. They have a lot of fish. I always like The Medallions of Beef. I hear the fish is pretty good though. The Spinach Salad is I think the best in town! The lighthouse is toned down and not super crowded like other places. You wont feel rushed! I think the best waiter for dinner is Victor. He's the big Mexican waiter that worked at all the high end restaurants in the past and will always entertain you. He will always try the best he can to make your time at the lighthouse a good one. Some nights you might even find some of the San Diego Chargers players eating here. I have seen a lot of them in the past along with some Padres players.

They also have a great Buffet for lunch Monday though Friday for only $10. I think its one of the best buffet in town. Everyday is different. It's not mass produced like regular buffets. It's all homemade food!
I always enjoy the lunch buffet, this is where my Grandma would always go to. This is where you're find all the regulars go. If you ever go to their lunch often, you will be treated like family from every one. It's a really fun place to go to, always welcoming. Did I say the food is awesome!

I just wanted to add my opinion about the Lighthouse. You have to see it for yourself if you like it. And if you don't like dinner, go for lunch, I think it's even better.

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