Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is KPBS-FM

The inside story on our local public radio and TV station from Expat:
Well, not all of it. This is the 'Kelts Interview Studio' (named for a donor) -- one of two main state-of-the-art digital studios in our local PBS member station. The chat shows usually come from here -- 'These Days', 'A Way With Words' (until it was brutally canceled 2 months ago) and 'Editors Round Table' (no matter what you may think about Gloria Penner's voice). Most of the fundraising which drives us crazy comes from this studio, too. The other studio is better equipped for music, and spot news is read from a booth adjacent to the control room.

So how come I get the run of the place, you may ask? Well, although I have actually been a guest on KPBS shows on a few occasions, more relevant is the fact that I'm one of many volunteers of the RADIO READING SERVICE, which offers voiced versions of newspapers, magazines and books (we even read the discount coupons!) every day to blind and otherwise disabled listeners.

The deets:


Blogger Lynette said...

What a fantastic thing to do as a volunteer.

Sun Oct 21, 11:16:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

It is nice of you to do this. I did not know that such a service existed, although I am a great fan of PBS/NPR.
If I didn't have an accent I would have liked to join too. :)

Wed Oct 24, 05:35:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Grant Barrett said...

Alicia and Alexandra, I just wanted you to know that "A Way with Words" lives! Brand-new shows begin airing the weekend of November 24th. Me, my co-host Martha Barnette, and our producer Stefanie Levine have acquired the rights to the show--and KPBS has agreed to continue to broadcast it.

You can find out more about public radio's lively language show on our new A Way with Words web site.

—Grant Barrett, co-host of A Way with Words

Tue Nov 13, 07:21:00 AM PST  

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