Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That's not snow - its ash!

The clean-up for those all over the county has begun. Everyone is dealing with ash, thick as snow. We San Diegans are finally getting a taste of what it's like to have to dig our vehicles out! To add to this, the ash is very acidic, so we've got to be careful to not damage things like the paint jobs on our buried items.


Blogger R&R in The Netherlands said...

Incredible. Appreciate your photos and reportage during this disaster. Hopefully the cleanup goes well and people can get back to their lives, as normal as possible.

Tue Oct 30, 07:36:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Lynette said...

I agree--incredible. I hope in the past two weeks people have been able to make good progress.

About the leaves in our neighborhood in Portland, I well remember last year trying to parallel park over lumps and bumps of wet, smashed together leaves. It was a scary feeling. And in the area where the windshield wipers rest, leaves stack up so much so that it looks like the car is wearing some sort of necklace. I imagine it's like that all over the metropolitan area because there are trees everywhere. I plan to post about what our particular area does about the leaves, four times a year. It's next scheduled for Nov. 30. I'll be at work, but I have photos from a prior event.

Sun Nov 11, 12:46:00 PM PST  

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