Wednesday, September 05, 2007

At ye Indian statue on 5th

I've always liked seeing a little pig or cow hanging over the butcher shops in France. But when I saw this statue, I wondered what is the connection between Indians and cigars? I guess the link started over the introduction of tobacco to Europeans and the peace pipe. Statues like this Indian were commonly used in the 1800's when illiteracy was high and before streets were numbered. Shopkeepers would use a statue or a trade sign to advertise their location. Some other symbols that were common were a barber pole for a barber shop, a key for a locksmith, or glasses to indicate an optician. Have you seen an interesting or fun trade sign in your city?


Blogger jeremy said...

this sign reminds me a hank william's song ("Kawlinga"), about a statue of an indian soldier in love with the statue on the other side of the street (really sad song).
as you says, in France we don't have signs like this, except cow or pig hanging over a butcher shop (as far as I know ! perhaps i'll find one ...)

Fri Sep 14, 12:46:00 PM PDT  

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