Monday, May 08, 2006

Superman's van

If you saw Greenville, South Carolina's post from today, then you have an idea as to how fast Superman really can fly. I thought Superman was from Gotham City (aka New York City), but I guess he is bicoastal! Seriously though, I see this car almost every Monday and will be posting different car photos over the next few days and thought this would be a fun way to start the week. I spoke with the owner a while back and he said, "My friends tell me that it looks like an airplane during the day and a spaceship at night." Some highlights of the van: 2 DVD players, a CB radio, and a police scanner; all the orange lights on the front light up, beads line the roof interior, and there are statues and pictures all along the dash and doors, and that is not all...! If you happen to be near Houston, Texas there will be an art car parade at the end of this week. Click here for more photos of art cars.

William Earl Walker, Sr., owner of the Super van


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