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I mistakenly thought that this building was the first of the 21 missions (churches) in California built by the Spanish to introduce Christianity to the native peoples. Actually, it is called the Presidio or military fort & was built to protect the mission & the area. The first mission, Mission San Diego de Alcalá was briefly located on this site, but it was moved about 5 miles inland. The Presidio sits atop a high hill. From one side you see a view of both San Diego Bay & Mission Bay and from the other you look down into a valley where there is now a freeway, two shopping malls, several hotels, tons of condos, & where the San Diego river still flows.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible you might ask what something is when you photograph it ?
The building in the picture is the San Diego Historical Museum at Presidio Park. It was built with major contributions by George Marston and opened with great fanfare in 1929.
I think it was designed by William Templeton Johnston, although you might want to verify that. Johnston's home was nearby, on Trias St.

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